ABC Gruen’s – The Pitch

To welcome back the 7th season of ABC’s Gruen, they tackled one of the more recent issues – FOBO and constantly being connected. Can they persuade you to give up your phones??

They tackle the idea from both Gen Y and Gen X and come up with two very different ideas. One side aims to create hysteria and fear for privacy with pushing the idea that your phones are never safe and are so easily accessible in today’s society. While the other side aims at an older demographic and illustrates the idea of ‘a real man uses a landline’, using concepts of Bond and powerful historical men.

Which one appeals to you more? Or do you think they missed the whole concept??

Check the video below:

x BL x


2 thoughts on “ABC Gruen’s – The Pitch

  1. Anonymous says:

    The second one was very appealing to me! Such a great concept incorporating contemporary slang and culture. Lets go back to the basics and pick up our landlines.

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    • brittanyhannah94 says:

      I agree, the second one clicked with me more! I only wish they didn’t make it so male targeted. The first one I found to political and didn’t focus on the real issue of privacy and putting your phone down.


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