What is FOBO?


So we have been throwing the word around a lot – FOBO. So what does it actually mean???

FOBO stands for Fear of Being Offline. This concept also includes the other acronym PSA/SSA, which is Phone Separation Anxiety and Smartphone Separation Anxiety.

These have been linked to this new psychological problem called nomophobia. Nomophobia is academically defined as  a “discomfort or anxiety when out of mobile phone (MP) or computer contact. It is the fear of becoming technologically incommunicable, distant from the MP or not connected to the Web”.

Or for a simplier definition – from no and mo(bile) + phobia

Or to just go with trusty Urban Dictionary

urban dictionary

This issue is serious as it is being recognised as a serious mental health issue as if you are too dependent or addicted to your phone. You can potentially risk having psychological and cognitive problems, such as social anxiety, psychiatric mental disorders and panic disorders.

Now this isn’t to scare you! But to inform you and help you.

mind blown 1

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4 thoughts on “What is FOBO?

  1. frankability says:

    I didn’t know what it was called before but there are definitely days when I suffer from an extreme case of ‘FOBO’. The moment I realise that I accidentally left my phone at home or if the wi-fi starts to falter (not to sound too dramatic), I go into a momentary, mini and completely unnecessary panic. This is definitely not a healthy habit and something that I’ve been trying to rid myself off. I quit Facebook in my HSC year and I have to say, I actually felt so much better and freer when I was offline!

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  2. clothedbetterob says:

    I didn’t think that I’m suffering from ‘FOBO’ since I tend to play with my phones when I’m bored or when I’m in public to avoid people, until I see this ‘social anxiety’… I guess I’m starting to have a minor ‘FOBO’ now then :/

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