iFix has you covered with mobile testing


scoreiFix has created a test on their website (see link at the bottom) to see how healthy your
mobile relationship is. They say the ideal healthy percentage is 35%.

Test yourself with the link below and share in the comments or to Twitter with @faceyourfobo, what percentage you got! According to iFix, the average is 59%.

Along with this they have created the first ever mobile testing station. iFix are device repair specialists that have decided to create a testing unit and gadget repair clinic, to test for PSA and FOBO. The mobile clinic will test with a questionnaire, similar to the online version, to determine their levels of FOBO and help come up with solutions to reduce levels.

iFix Healthy Relationship Test

phone happy

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2 thoughts on “iFix has you covered with mobile testing

  1. ayeshaaaj says:

    Loved loved loved taking this quiz! Didn’t know how honest to really be with my answers to some of those questions, guess denial really does kick in when it comes to mobile phone use. I scored 41% for FOBO and 56% for PSA (could we worse I guess). Really does open your eyes to how addicted we are to technology these day! Good thing you’ve started this campaign and are raising awareness for such an important cause.

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