This has always been such a great campaign by Cingular. It resonated with so many teens and mums and is still so relatable today. The amount of times it has appeared on my tumblr feed tagged as ‘#iconic’.

If you can’t let go of your phones for the sake of your health, at least reduce your usage for the sake of your phone bills! Jill can wait.

x BL x


4 thoughts on “IDK My BFF Jill

  1. greysnowblog says:

    I agree, this is such a good campaign. I’ve started to leave my phone at home now, just while I do errands such as grocery shopping, post office or when I’m training. A lot of my mates have their phone on during our work out sessions, and are happy to check it all the time for updates. – Even when we’re doing splits! I try to leave my phone on silent and bury it in my bag so I won’t look at it. I also turn the WiFi off at night so people won’t think I’m online on FB and such, because..well, I’m not.

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    • brittanyhannah94 says:

      Such a great idea to place restrictions on yourself to limit your usage! We will be posting later advice on how to reduce your addiction with boundaries and restrictions. I may even use some of your ideas 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    such a great ad campaign. Although our phones play a vital role in this day and age, many measures should be taken to reduce our usage. I too leave my phone on silent and make sure to focus on taking charge of my life. Lets go outside and enjoy the natural wonders of the world! So many places to see ourselves instead of on our screens!

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