Support and Help


So the next big question is where can I get help and how can I get support??

Well firstly there are plenty of quizzes online that get you to test your nomophobia. Here are a few:

For a more comical approach to being diagnosed – check out Dr Nomo. He addresses the issues and symptoms in a less confronting way.!/waitingroom

There are also mobile testing centres. iFix have recently launched the first ever mobile testing unit and gadget repair clinic to test for PSA and FOBO (see Mobile Testing for further information about the clinic)

As it is new psychological disorder, seeking a counselor or therapist would be the next step. I do not suggest seeking prescription alternatives as it has not yet been fully researched. If you do feel like you need a prescription to help the anxiety, talk to your doctor regarding anxiety medications that would help with your symptoms.

FOBO doesn’t seem to have the same stigma compared to depression or different types of anxiety, but don’t be fooled by the humorous name and puns thrown around online – it has serious psychological and mental repercussions.

x BL x


2 thoughts on “Support and Help

  1. Samantha says:

    omg i’m totes afraid of being offline, i get so anxious when i do things like leave my phone at home and can’t access my facebook!!!!

    i really appreciate the advice ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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