10 Signs You Have FOBO

Move over FOMO, FOBO has come to town and the struggle is real. Who isn’t addiction to their phones these day. According to a recent Facebook study,  ‘Coming of Age Onscreen‘, 70% of girls and boys aged 13-24, need to check their phones wherever they are.

These days smartphones definitely don’t help this addiction. Everything we need we can access with a click of a button. Everything has apps, from banking, blogging, social media, your local gym, fast food to the best Instagram editing tools. 58% of smartphone users, particularly the 18-34 age group, can’t go without their phones for at least 1 hour, according to the Lookout ‘Mobile Mindset Study‘.

We are all so connected to our phones that if we don’t have them with us or we can’t find it we go into a mild panic. I’m sure most of us sit watching TV with our phones in our hand, just in case we could miss something. The signs of suffering for FOBO are further explained in the next post.

So here is the important question; how bad is your FOBO? How many of these signs do you find yourself relating to?

  1. Your first priority when at a friend’s house is asking if they have Wi-Fi and what’s their password


2. The last thing you do before going to bed is check your phone. What happens if you miss something = world is over.


3. You treat it like it’s an extra limb


4. Planes and bad reception areas are the devil’s spawn


5. You’re phone has become bae


6. Misplacing your phone is like misplacing a child

Jennifer Lawrence interview MOM

7. You carry around battery chargers.

phone charger

8. Buffering and slow loading pages = #dead


9. 1% feels like Zayn leaving One Direction all over again


10. You’re phone sleeps next to you….snuggle buddies


Maybe it might be time for an intervention. So how many do you relate to? Do you maybe have a slight case of FOBO?

x BL x


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