2 Best Free Apps to Help Monitor Time

Needing help to monitor your usage and time online? Thankfully there are 2 great free apps that assist you in just that. Check them out and download them to help monitor your usage and time spent on your phone.

  1. Breakfree App – Free (Apple/Android)


This app is aimed at controlling your phone addiction and helping you maintain a healthy digital lifestyle. It is available on both Apple and Android stores. The app monitors  your phone and app usage and provides you with graphs, stats and app guides to help you control your usage and addition.

The app comes with parental controls as well, so for parents who want to monitor and schedule internet hours. You can help yourself with management tools to disable your phone for certain periods, find out which apps are consuming most of your time and provide usage.

breakfree1 break free 2

2. Moment – Free (Apple only)


This app tracks how much you use your apple devices. It allows you to set daily limits and reminders if you go over. At the moment it is only available on Apple but will be rolled out for Android users soon. The main aim for this app is to help users find the balance between connected and disconnected. You can’t go complete cold turkey when addicted, so you need to ease yourself off the phone.

They have just released Moment Family where you can track your family’s usage  and set up times for your family to be mobile free. It also has the features of tracking your location throughout the day and how long you have spent there.

screenshotsMoment screen322x572

We should now be able to have greater control over when and how we use our phones. There are more apps coming through to provides similar and different features. With teenagers and young adults spending more and more time on screens, the percentage of ‘mobile addicts’ is rising.

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6 thoughts on “2 Best Free Apps to Help Monitor Time

  1. Shirley says:

    i’m personally super guilty of FOBO – I feel such a sense of insecurity when my phone isn’t within an arms reach. Interesting to see that there are apps out there to train me back to independence haha. Very relevant issue, and great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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