If it’s not on Instagram, it probably didn’t happen.

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Without our phones we feel naked, it is simple as that. We even pick phone cases that will match our outfits or will look good being held. All the technology and devices we own, whether your phone, tablets or computers, no longer are recognised as objects to us, but are considered an extra limb, your best friend or even bae. So maybe our phone obsession is getting out of control.

Here are some stories, courtesy of Elite Daily, that may hopefully scare you into going without your phone for one day or hour.

1. You might be sick.

Phone addiction has an official name, and there are actual treatment centers for it around the world. If you fear lack of access to technology… you have nomophobia, a term developed in Britain in 2008.

2. At the very least, it’s making you crazy.

A study out of Indiana University found that 89 percent of undergrads had experienced a “phantom” vibration, thinking they had felt a phone notification when there wasn’t one.

When your phone messes with your mind and sensations, you know you’re hopelessly addicted.

3. It’s kind of replacing your boyfriend.

According to TIME, 80 percent of 18-24 year old Americans sleep with their phones right beside them, for easy access first and last thing. If your phone is the only thing keeping you company in bed, it may be time to get out more.

4. It’s ruining your work and play.

Psychologist David Sheffield carried out a study in the UK, from Staffordshire University. He was shocked to find that  “7 percent said the use of mobile phones had caused them to lose a relationship or job.”

5. It’s become more of a priority than basic human essentials.

Of the roughly 7 billion people in the world, 6 billion own a cell phone. According to the UN, only 4.5 billion own a toilet. Additionally, more people own a phone than have access to running water. What even is happening?

6. What happens when you’re without your phone is terrifying.

One in five school kids in South Korea experience anxiety, depression and inability to sleep when separated from his or her phone, according to this Wall Street Journal article.

The Government is now having to put time and money into dealing with phone addiction and its negative side effects. South Korea is one of the few countries trying to tackle this addiction.

7. You forget how to live in the real world.

The same Wall Street Journal article states that people in South Korea are losing social skills rapidly. Kids are no longer good at reading facial expressions or intonations.

8. The numbers are staggering.

Data collected by a screenlock app say the average person unlocks his or her phone to check it 110 times a day. Some check it up to 900 times. That sounds like a huge waste of time, and worryingly compulsive.

If we did anything else 110 times a day, we’d be hospitalized.

9. Your phone is disgustingly dirty.

If you shy away from public toilets, you may be interested to know your phone is 18 times dirtier than the average public bathroom. From touching money, to touching dirty things, to sweating, your phone comes into contact with whatever you do.

And the more you use it, the worse it is. When did you last clean your phone or screen?

10.You could get really, really sick.

I hate to break it to you, but those hours you spend chatting on your cell as you walk to work or lie in the bath are really bad for you. For every 100 hours you speak on the phone (easily done for the addicts out there), your risk of brain cancer increases by 5 percent.

Try to keep calls short, and, linking back to point number 8, try to save the long conversations for in-person.

Time to check out some apps that might be able to help your ween off it – 2 Free Apps

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4 thoughts on “If it’s not on Instagram, it probably didn’t happen.

    • brittanyhannah94 says:

      I know! It is soo ironic, even identifying you may be suffering from FOBO is done through quizzes online. I did laugh a bit that I was creating a campaign for awareness of FOBO and doing it on social media and online haha but I guess the main point is to help create a healthy balance between disconnection and connection. No one can go cold turkey on technology, especially not teenagers and young adults

      Liked by 1 person

  1. instacleanse says:

    haha love the fact that phones are actually replacing our boyfriends lol and its so true! the first thing i would grab in the morning when i wake up is my phone and it is also the last thing i would touch before i go to bed everynight… crazy huh?


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