UNICEF Tap Project

How many times have you walked into a room and seen nearly everyone on their phones? 

With the world at our finger tips, we can access anything.  However this ‘connection’ isn’t all what it seems. This new co-dependency we have with our phones has us always holding our phones or checking them for the stupidest things reasons like ” just checking the time”. I have checked my phone to ‘see the time’ but actually didn’t even look at it and had to actually re-look at my phone.

Maybe this is why UNICEF has decided to tackle this addiction head on with their campaign ‘Tap Project’. The original campaign was for people to donate $1 at restaurants for a free glass of water. However, since 2014 they have recognised this addiction and have adapted the campaign for it to involve asking people to put their phones down when out. This year it began on March 1st and coincides with World Water Week.

e28ce820-7bb6-0131-bc94-2a5b0d875d28They have a specialised app that will count how long they can go without their phones and for every minute you don’t touch it, sponsors will donate $1. This will give one day’s worth of clean water to a child. Smart move my UNICEF to integrate this new addiction into a great cause. You will have a clear conscious and are doing a good thing not only to your own mental health but fundraising too.

tap project 2

On their website, they say:

This year’s initiative provided clean, safe water for children around the world by encouraging you to stop texting, calling, emailing, tweeting and posting — and challenge your friends to do the same.

UNICEF’s aim for this campaign is to remind people how insignificant and #firstworldproblems not grabbing your phone the instant it buzzes is and to compare it to those in developing countries not having a basic need like clean water.

Last year it was very successful, as more than 2.6 million people spent nearly 255 million minutes not touching their phones, in just only a month and a half. This year, it was also very successful with today’s (22 October 2015) total days at 713 minutes, meaning water will be supplied for 71.3 days. More statistics of today’s results are in the image below.

tap project 1

Here is the campaign video:

2015 UNICEF Tap Project: Put Down Your Phone To Help Give Clean Water to Kids

Put down your phones and give to a good cause. Kill two birds with one stone!

x BL x


8 thoughts on “UNICEF Tap Project

  1. tayladavis1 says:

    This is a great idea! I always pick up my phone if my friend starts to message someone at the tables, it’s the worst habit. This is possibly the best reason to put down your phones at the dinner table (I mean apart from not socialising but still), what a great initiative and innovative idea


    • brittanyhannah94 says:

      You don’t want to be the one awkwardly sitting there when they are on their phones :/ I feel that. Hopefully they can continue the campaign and get more people involved and try and stop restaurant and table phone use!!


  2. Elisabeth says:

    This is a wonderful idea! Thanks so much for sharing this video with us! I definitely think that UNICEF has created such an innovative campaign – our generation certainly loves social media challenges such as the Ice Bucket challenge and No Make-up selfie, and through linking FOBO with the potential to help others, they have really ‘tapped into’ the potential to change online behaviours. it’s easy to turn off our phones for 15 mins and resist the urge to tap, but through linking with UNICEF we reflect on our privilege at actually having phones, food and a safe place to sleep – is not tapping for 15 mins really such a struggle? It also enlightens us about our reliance on technology, and puts things really into perspective!
    love it!! xx I will definitely try and take part 🙂


    • brittanyhannah94 says:

      I agree, such a great idea. haha ‘tapped’ love that! When we really think about it, it isnt that hard to not look at it for 15 minutes so hopefully even without the campaign people will try to stop the addiction.


  3. Don't dis my GAD says:

    Very clever! Definitely needed a campaign like this to encourage people to stay away from their phones! Im always constantly refreshing my twitter newsfeed as well as Facebook even though i only checked it about 5 minutes ago…. It’s very distracting but I am more than willing to participate in this campaign.


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