‘I Forgot My Phone’

A short film was conducted in 2013 called ‘I Forgot My Phone’. It detailed the obsession with our phones and how we are becoming more isolated and not being invovled in real life. It has over 48 million views and was created by comedian and actress Charlene deGuzman.

The videos starts with a couple in bed, the woman played by deGuzman, with the boyfriend fixated on his phone rather than cuddling with her. It goes through regular day to day activities showing the life of someone without a phone. Instead of it portraying the positives of not having a phone like enjoying friends company, activities and life. It shows how lonely it can be and how isolated you really are.

tumblr_ns69zicdIB1u6uyh0o1_500The video shows scenes of deGuzman at lunch with her friends while they are on their phones, concerts with people filming it, recording and taking photos instead of listening, talking selfies and many others. It gives people another view of what smartphone usage looks like to an outsider and it ain’t pretty!

This video is a great representation of what is happening in today’s society. We might be ‘social’ and ‘involved’ when out with friends but we are not physically there. How many times have you  been out at dinner and been on your phone or been with someone else on their phone.  We are missing out on life and big moments because we are all too busy texting, Snapchatting and Instagraming the moment instead of actually being present and living them.

Not only is it lonely, but people are missing out on or forgetting basic subtle cues when with people. These missed facial expressions and eye contact change the whole conversation, tone and context. You may as well text them instead. Wifi and being online has become a basic need.


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4 thoughts on “‘I Forgot My Phone’

  1. A New Leaf Project says:

    I remember watching this video and feeling so sad. It definitely hits the weak spot of all the FOBOs out there right where it hurts. Nobody wants to realise that perhaps they are that ignorant person always on their phone. Perhaps instead of “life is what happens to you while your busy making other plans” the saying should be “life is what happens to you while your buried in your phone.”


  2. Beth says:

    so true about todays society! We are so obsessed with our virtual selves we forget to live life and take advantage of exciting new adventures.


  3. Don't be Fooled by Sweets! says:

    Thanks for sharing. yeah it’s so sad that our society came to this….. Just few decades ago no one had phone in their hand nor there were children at home playing games. They were always outside being active and socialising. Now I see only one or two kids playing on the playground if I’m lucky. We need to be more socialising now.


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