10 Ways To Overcome Your FOBO

A Gallup poll confirmed that 81% of people keep their phones with them ­almost all the time and 63% while they  are sleeping and 60% check emails regularly while on holidays.


There are 10  ways that you can help your FOBO!! They are so easy and simple to do, can you believe that.

  1. Don’t bring your phone to bed. Leave it outside your room or somewhere you can’t reach for it in bed

2. Sign out of those annoying email accounts. If you didn’t see it, it didn’t happen 😛

3. Turn off those Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook notifications. That way in the morning you don’t see what you have missed. Mute those conversations.

4. Track the time you spend on your phone. Use apps or set alarms for how long to be using your phone.

5. Turn your phone off at night. Simple as that.

6. Dedicate a day to be a social media free day.

7. Put your phone chargers in weird places around the house so you have to go out of your way to charge your phone. Also your separation anxiety will get better

8. Don’t take your phone or turn it off/silent or leave it in your bag when at work, class or doing assignments. This will allow you to give your full attention to whatever at hand.

9. Move all your favourite apps and the ones you access the most to the last page of your phone so to use it, it is more of a chore.

10. Wear a watch so you don’t have to check the time on your phone. But none of that Apple Watch stuff, a real watch.

It is hard to remove yourself from this addiction but they do say – “It took you a long time to fall in love; it will take you a long time to fall out of it.” But we got you 🙂

List some more ways to create boundaries down below and share your thoughts!!

x BL x


5 thoughts on “10 Ways To Overcome Your FOBO

  1. instacleanse says:

    Love the idea of having a social media free day but I wonder if that is actually feasible 😦 all those notifications on email and Facebook would still pop up when we log in again! And pretty sure we ll all want to/have to catch up so we ll end up looking on our phone for the whole day haha

    Liked by 1 person

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