Where are your manners?

Etiquette! What is etiquette? It is a set of rules and code of our social behaviour. So why is it important to smartphones and FOBO? It is because since our addiction, we have seemed to lose our manners in social settings. When you are out in a restaurant, how many people do you see on their phones?? Way too many to count.

We have looked at some research done by Pew and combined it with our knowledge of smartphone usage

So here  we have a new set of rules for –


The DOs

  • use your phone in public spaces, even with the risk of walking into things. Everyone in the study agreed that it was ok to be on your phone in public areas
  • send messages in front of friends and family provided it is quick. It is a lot easier to read a text than send one, so people generally feel it is more acceptable
  • use your phone to take videos and photos. It is also allowed to post said photos or videos on social media, texts or whatever. Most young adults and teenagers do automatically, so  that is a little hard to stop
  • take phone calls in front of people. 52% of respondents said they do.
  • use your phone to look up relevant or important information! Google searches, ‘where are you?’ texts, what is happening tomorrow in the calendar – are all ok!

The DON’Ts

  • use your phones in meetings, work settings, class rooms, movies, anywhere you are expected to be attentive to someone else. Nine in 10 people said it was rude and unacceptable to use phones there.
  • use your phone at meals or eating when with other people, at home or at a restaurant. It is a big NO NO!!
  • use your phone as a shield to avoid someone or conversations. Apparently it is more common with women to use phones to avoid something/someone or they are bored
  • check notifications and your phone when you are with someone else. Only if it is necessary and a reason for it.

Most should be common sense but it will be hard to adjust. I mean sadly what happened to looking someone in the eye and giving people all your attention?  We used to see phones as a tool or as what it originally was invented for, to improve communication instead of the latter. Now we are allowing this tool to change our lives and the way we adapt to society. Phones are not really an issue, it is more the way they are used.

So use your manners and remember the smartphone etiquette or it’s #ByeFelicia to you!


x BL x


12 thoughts on “Where are your manners?

  1. Luke says:

    Despite what majority classify as the do’s and don’t’s there are still many people who are too caught up in their media devices that they don’t even confirm to these. From personal experience of working in retail I find it extremely rude for people to answer there phone whilst I am attending to them and when finished don’t even apologise for being inconsiderate .

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  2. Explore Ethically says:

    We’d like to add another one to the list… Don’t always be stuck to the phone and wifi when travelling! 😉 It’s so important to disconnect and take the time to absorb in the surroundings. Phone cameras are great but nothing beats taking in the view with our eyes and all of our senses. 🙂 Great post!

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  3. Collaborative Chinese Chat says:

    A agree with this point “Don’t use your phone at meals or eating when with other people, at home or at a restaurant. It is a big NO NO!!”

    People are often stuck on their phones during lunch or dinner dates with friends and family. You sometimes don’t even see them often, even when you do, the other party is stuck on their devices. You can’t even have a decent or proper conversation with the other person. Smart phones are ruining our relationships!

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  4. POP Out A Dream says:

    I don’t like people use phone during our conversation, it makes me feel they are not caring what I’m saying. And I need to repeat my sentences again because they didn’t listen.

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  5. Beth says:

    Its sad to think that being on the phone while socalising is now considered the norm 😦 why catch up with a friend if you are on your phone- shouldnt you just stalk them.


  6. silenthunger says:

    One of the most annoying habits of a dining partner is for them to spend more time staring at their phone screen rather than talking to one another. It’s ironic how technology made for communication has isolated us to those physically around us


  7. loveyourselfright says:

    Thank you for sharing! I totally agree with these points. The worst people I think is who uses smart phone while watching movie. It makes me feel really bad because I can’t concentrate on the movie! And I think it is really rude to answer a phone call during movie. They could go outside and answer the phone 😦


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