Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is this problem?

The acronym FOBO is defined as Fear of Being Offline. This is the newer and more advanced concept of FOMO. This is the fear of missing something or being out of the loop and being mobile phone dependant. Do you check your phone when you are with other people? Is the first thing you check in the morning your phone? Are you completely dependent on your mobile? You may be suffering from FOBO or as it is now clinically called, nomophobia

  • Nomophobia

A discomfort or anxiety when out of mobile phone (MP) or computer contact. It is the fear of becoming technologically incommunicable, distant from the MP or not connected to the Web.

i.e. No Mobile Phobia

  • FOBO

Fear of Being Offline


Phone Separation Anxiety/Smartphone Separation Anxiety

  • Where can I get help?

There are many ways to get help. Self diagnose with online quizes or see a mobile testing centre. If there is a severe anxiety, see a doctor.

For more information – Support and Help

  • What are some good academic papers to get my head around this concept

There are great studies on Nomophobia from academic Univesities – Iowa State University and University of Missouri.

There are many articles that give information as well but for a consolidated idea keep up with our posts 🙂

  • How to set boundaries and restrictions

There are many ways to overcome your FOBO and start helping your separation anxiety. Check 10 Ways to Overcome Your FOBO for more detailed ways you could try.